olla guys, it's so long that i didn't write anything on my blog here i am right now XD.......
between this 4 months, lot of stuff happened around me...sum can be tolerate but sum just got me work really hard...
for all who know me you'll damn sure that i'm already breaking up with my GF...sometime life can be tricky but those tricky part can't really be hard, there might just be a silver lining lurking behind it...anyway since the break  up, my eyes just automaticlly open broader than ever...i can see everything more clearly.....stuff can be done more effectively and specifically my healing process become much more isn't bad at all, it's just the person who in it how they'll tolerate with each other...sometimes we can agreed on something but not all the time we can...but in my case it's just me having a nerve breakdown + i can't bare to see someone getting hurt cause of my mischieve/doing.....i'm willing to let her go cause of that...anyway right now i'm already back to square one of my life...but fortunately someone is there to listen to me...thanks dude XD...either how i'm just continuing my work from home right 24/7...mailing all the time and studying for my upcoming exams...really pushing me right on to the limit...anyway i'm just hanging on so that i will not be beaten by it...okay i think this is all from me...oh yea just my friend that reading this i wanna to tell you that you're the best friend i ever have and may Allah bless your life :)
till next time chiao XD

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